GK Organic Farm

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GK Organic Farm

GK Organic Farm run by Gan Koon Chai & Kazumi Fujimura. Farm visits are organized monthly.

How to visit GK Organic Farm?

1. Form your own group. You may form your own group with a minimum pax of 20 (min 15 adults) and go for your preferred date that best suits your group. Good for family gathering, friends-get-together, company retreat / brainstorming session.

2. Join our Open Farm Visit. The open farm visit conducted every 2nd & 4th week of Sunday is to cater for smaller group or individual. Please check our calendar for the next available dates.

3. Go for our Special Packages

a. Kindergarten / Primary School Students (simple lunch with planting & harvesting activities. Students will bring back their own plant & harvest of the day. )

b. Secondary School / University Students (simple lunch or full buffet lunch with harvesting activity. Students will bring back their own harvest of the day.)


To ensure minimumfood wastage, we cook only for the booked number of guests. To join the Farm Visit, you will need to pre-book with minimum 50% deposit (at least two weeksprior to farm visit) into our MBB account: 5120 2600 3552, payable to GK Organic Farm.

For more information, please contact:

Mobile : +6 012-3866 078 (SK Lee)

+6012-3053 253 (Lee Shyong)

Email :gk_organicfarm@yahoo.com

For Secondary School or University packages, please contact:

Mobile: Cheryl Lee +6 012-3910 960

Email: cheryl5796@gmail.com


GK Organic Farm

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13 Comments For This Post

  1. Meithin Says:

    Hi! I run a kindergarten and I am looking for a farm for children to visit in the future.
    1. The main concern is to know if you have a small plot of land to rent out for regular farming.
    2. How far are you located from Cheras?
    3. Can we come for a visit this weekend (Sunday)?

    Thank You!


  2. admin Says:

    Hi for visiting GK farm, you may refer to http://eatgreengogreen.com/44/gk-organic-farm/ and contact them accordingly.

  3. Albert Lee Says:

    Dear Mr. Gan,

    My 9-year old son missed out his arts class trip to your farm. Thinking of bringing him there for your Open Farm Visit as there are only 3 of us. Can’t find where to register/book for our visit as I don’t wish to travel so far and not allow to go in your farm. How to go about this?

  4. Duncan Khoo Says:

    I would like to know is this Sunday 23 Oct open for public visit? Thanks.

  5. chang Says:

    i wish to come to your organic farm by individual or family, is it possible.
    is less then 10 persons.

  6. PL Wong Says:

    how do you charge?

  7. MayHway Says:

    Do you open during Holidays, e.g Chinese New Year?

    Do you accept tourist as volunteers (Holiday workers)

    Thank you.

    Ms.Wang MayHway 0163476725

  8. Serena Says:


    I am running a kindergarten for children age 4 to 6.
    I plan to organise a trip to your farm on Friday 9th March 2012.

    I anticipated there will be around 80 children attending the said trip.
    May I get more information from you for the following?

    1. How much do you charge for per child, with meals and organic plant etc?
    2. How much do you charge for an adult?
    3. How long is the duration of the whole tour?
    4. Would you have sufficient staff to look after the children when the children are at the farm or do I need to bring my own staff?

    Hope to hear from you very soon.

    Regards, Serena Ang

  9. enya Says:

    how if we 40 persons included adults and children visiting ur farm but we dont want to take ur lunch, can i know how much for the price per pax? Bcos we think ur price quite high, what we would like to reach, is to promote the organic plantation with parents and children, not to eat. tq!

  10. admin Says:

    It is best for you to call or email to GK Farm by refer to the available contact information.

  11. admin Says:

    You may call or email to GK Farm by refer to the available contact information.

  12. Ann Says:

    We would like to form a group to make a farm visit on 14 Jan 2014. We all are from Mentakab.
    Is it possible?
    And may i know how much for the price per pax?
    What kinds of activities will you provide?
    Thank you.

  13. admin Says:

    You may direct contact:
    Mobile : +6 012-3866 078 (SK Lee)
    +6012-3053 253 (Lee Shyong)
    Email :gk_organicfarm@yahoo.com

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